| The origins of Apprentice Paths, Self-Discovery Online Modules |

There are six Self-Discovery modules that open up a new way of seeing and doing that hopes to ignite the beauty, dignity and honour of our lives through re-authoring ideas and practices. You can enrol for these self-discovery journeys separately. These journeys address the most important themes of re-authoring ideas and practices and are designed to be stand-alone experiences of learning.

| Re-authoring Journeys |

Re-authoring Identity

Experiencing Narrative practices in your own life story | The philosophical approach from where the ideas around identity grow | Discover and learn how narratives shape and maintain identities| Discover and learn how communities of concern can come alongside preferred identities| Explorations around community identities

Re-authoring the World

Discover and learn how to work with taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs within various contexts| Discovering the joy of acts of refusal and protest | Working with the influence of taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas | Inviting the alternative emerging narratives to come alongside

Re-authoring Diversity & Inclusion

Discovering the role of culture in constructing the “other” | The role of language in constructing the “other” | Understanding privilege and power in inclusion | Practices that includes and welcome the stranger

Re-authoring Narratives we want more of

Practices that uncover alternative moments and outcomes | Practices that enrich moments we want more of | Weaving alternative moments through embodiment and rituals | The impact of alternative narratives on the context | Narratives of our imagined futures

Re-authoring Problem Narratives

How to work with conflict and problem narratives in individual and group contexts| Understanding the role of taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas in conflict and problem narratives| Placing the problem in relation to individuals and communities | Standing against problems

Re-authoring Listening, Questioning & Documenting

Being with your client in transformational ways | Listening in transformational ways | Asking questions in transformational ways | Documentation, rituals and celebrations

Apprenticeship Journeys

The Re-authoring Apprenticeship Paths are for those who want to make this lens and practices a way of living and working. You can join us through a Self-Discovery Journey with 6 modules that consist of pre-recorded videos and assignments that you can enjoy at your own pace. If you choose the online workshop journey, you will engage in 6 x 2-day workshops with face-to-face teaching and learning with an international community. Both these journeys include the opportunity to deepen your experience by re-authoring your own stories as well as the stories of your work through individual coaching (6 sessions) and integration sessions (6 sessions). The integration- and coaching sessions help participants to weave their own life- and work experiences into their future re-authoring practice.

When you sign up for the apprentice journey, you automatically become part of a community of practice that gathers once a month to discuss the latest applications of these ideas and practices.


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