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Abundance Challenge

We are so excited to bring From Scarcity to Abundance in all its forms to you through online workshops and processes! 

You can invite us to host a facilitated online workshop or join our self-discovery journey with pre-recorded videos and assignments.

You can also enjoy a collection of questions with beautiful photos for opening up lively and insightful conversations around scarcity and abundance.

If you are curious to understand what it is all about, we have written a blog with instructions to an Abundance Challenge that would invite you into the experience in a powerful way.

For more information, please contact

Chené Swart chene@transformations.co.za or Olivia Saunders 1olivia11@gmail.com 

From Scarcity to Abundance Facilitated Online Workshops

Our 12-hour online workshop, From Scarcity to Abundance, can be facilitated over different time frames to accommodate the unique contexts of organisations, schools and communities: two days, one day, or divided into smaller segments that can be stretched over a period of time suitable for your environment. We also work with leadership teams in applying the scarcity to abundance concepts in their distinct contexts.

How will we learn? In this workshop, we learn through conversation and the movement between content and life experiences. The learning experience ignites the beauty and dignity of all who participates. Our workshops are interactive and incorporate the knowledges and experiences of participants. We make our time together as engaging as possible with small group conversations, content pieces, individual work, large group conversations, sharing reflections and enough breaks to keep the attention.

What will we learn? This workshop helps participants to more clearly grasp the underlying scarcity thinking prevailing in their personal lives, communities, countries, and indeed the world. Participants are challenged to identify how and when scarcity thinking inserts itself in their lives, how they keep this thinking alive, and how they act to corroborate the belief in scarcity. On the other side, there is abundance. Participants come face to face with valuing, verbalising, and imagining again to unmask and affirm the abundance inherent in their personal lives, their communities, their countries and indeed, the world.

Who should attend? Leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaching professionals, educators, learners, social workers, facilitators of group-work, activists and healthcare professionals.

Invite us to adapt and facilitate this workshop for you or your organisation.  In the workshop, your particular needs and context are acknowledged and weaved into our process.

In all our online workshop we work with a very skilled online host who is our right hand in creating the welcome and inclusion in this space.

Olivia and Chené are also available to provide coaching for shifting from scarcity thinking to an abundance paradigm.

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Self-Discovery Course: From Scarcity to Abundance


On the forthcoming self-discovery journey, we focus on the shifting from Scarcity to Abundance by learnings from the moments of our own lives, exploration questions and pre-recorded videos.  The recordings were made during a live workshop, and we are so grateful to all the participants who have co-created this learning with us.

The question for this time: Is the COVID-19 pandemic leading us to deeper scarcity thinking, or are we being taken to a more wonderful realisation of abundance?

Anyone who purchases a self-discovery course and recommends any of our programmes to an organisation that consequently engages us, that person will receive a US$65 credit (discount) for any of our programmes.

Contact me for more information or coupon codes if you are registering as a participant from the NPO, NGO sector,  or citizen of and living on the African continent. chene@transformations.co.za

Table Conversations

In most cultures, the table or fire is the place for gathering, telling stories and sharing wisdom and teachings. We are working on a collection of reflecting questions around scarcity and abundance. These questions provide individuals, communities or groups with the opportunity to connect, weave meaning and share stories in ways that fascinate and transport through the naming of that which matters to people dearly within the scarcity and abundance spectrum.

Here is our previous collection of questions called Reflecting questions at the end of the year in the time of a Pandemic.

Table Conversations: Pandemic Reflections


The 31 reflecting questions also come with guiding practices as you reflect on these questions individually or collectively.

Additional information

Story of Us

We met about a decade ago when Chené Swart visited The Bahamas for a workshop that Olivia Saunders was a part of, Festival in the Workplace. The friendship bond was immediate and powerful. Since then, we have travelled together and supported each other on our journeys. We collaborated with friends for the first Womanity Journey that took us to three Bahamian islands. We have been promising for some time to work together on a workshop such as this one. The unfolding story of 2020 is now directing us to do it. The knowledge and teachings of Narrative Practice come alongside another way of thinking about economics to bring about a richer understanding of the nexus between scarcity and abundance.

Olivia Saunders, Author & Educator

Olivia uses her ingenuity and scholarship along with her profound love of teaching and economics to move the conversation to another direction which few others in the world are considering.  She brings an intellectual and imaginative bridge into a fundamental rethinking of the scarcity mentality that dominates the world and the distance it creates from the reality of abundance. She teaches that there is enough, in fact, more than enough! Olivia is a university professor and the author of Tomato Economics: Shifting economies from scarcity to abundance.

And there is more: This workshop is one in a series of three workshops that applies re-authoring ideas and practices to leadership, diversity and inclusion and scarcity to abundance. If you are curious to experience and learn more about the re-authoring ideas and practices, you can attend 5 workshops that address the most important themes of these ideas and practices over a 5-month period. The workshops are designed to be stand-alone learning experiences so that participants can enter the journey at any point without feeling excluded. (Maybe the link to workshop path here) If you are interested in integrating the re-authoring ideas and practices into your life and work, you can also take part in an Apprentice Journey that will run simultaneously to the workshop mentioned above.

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