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Story of Us

We met about a decade ago when Chené Swart visited The Bahamas for a workshop that Olivia Saunders was a part of, Festival in the Workplace. The friendship bond was immediate and powerful. Since then, we have travelled together and supported each other on our journeys. We collaborated with friends for the first Womanity Journey that took us to three Bahamian islands. We have been promising for some time to work together on a workshop such as this one. The unfolding story of 2020 is now directing us to do it. The knowledge and teachings of Narrative Practice come alongside another way of thinking about economics to bring about a richer understanding of the nexus between scarcity and abundance.

Olivia Saunders, Author & Educator

Olivia uses her ingenuity and scholarship along with her profound love of teaching and economics to move the conversation to another direction which few others in the world are considering.  She brings an intellectual and imaginative bridge into a fundamental rethinking of the scarcity mentality that dominates the world and the distance it creates from the reality of abundance. She teaches that there is enough, in fact, more than enough! Olivia is a university professor and the author of Tomato Economics: Shifting economies from scarcity to abundance.

Co-facilitated by Dr Chené Swart, Narrative Coach & Consultant

From Scarcity to Abundance Interactive Online Workshop


The question for this time: Is the COVID-19 pandemic leading us to deeper scarcity thinking, or are we being taken to a more wonderful realisation of abundance?

Live Launch 8-9 July 2021 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm EDST (15h00-21h00 SAST) 

After that, registrants have one-month online access to recordings.

We are using TomatoPay pricing:            

1 person pays $250 for the workshop.

2 persons together pay $200 for the workshop.

3 persons together $150 for the workshop.

4 persons together $100 for the workshop.

5 persons together $50 for the workshop.

Group and discounted rates are available, please connect with us for more information.


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