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I am Chené Swart, greetings from South Africa! As a child of this soil, I am gripped by the gifts of narratives, human connectedness, diversity, moving through and transformation that inspired my audaciously titled book, Re-authoring the World!

As a trained Narrative Therapist, I have been translating these ideas and practices with organisations, communities and individuals from various cultures and contexts. I therefore stand on the shoulders of local and international partnerships that have deepened and widened the work.

For the last 20 years I have been exploring how we can take back the pen and re-author with dignity and beauty our human presence in this world. The work I bring is an offering to change and challenge the way we look so that we can see and do differently in our relatedness with ourselves, one another and the world. I believe strongly that “the way things are” can be challenged, re-authored and transformed.

I facilitate apprentice journeys, coaching and consulting that open up the best kept secret: that we are all meaningMAKERS and storyMAKERS who can nourish moments we want more of and separate from moments we want less of, and as we do, something shifts in what we take for granted.

Since 2012, I have facilitated apprentice journeys with leaders, coaches, consultants, teachers, social workers and HR professionals who would like to translate these ideas into their own contexts and host conversations that nourish alternative narratives. These re-authoring apprentice journeys have taken place in South Africa, Belgium and Canada and through an online platform with participants from the USA, Mauritius, Jordan and Russia.

I am committed to participate in and contribute to conversations and actions that re-author our world towards the common good, one narrative at a time!


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