Online Workshop: Re-authoring Identity


  • Discover and learn how to work with taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs within various contexts
  • Discovering the joy of acts of refusal and protest
  • Working with the influence of taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas
  • Inviting the alternative emerging narratives to come alongside

When?  3-4 August 2021 @15h00-21h00 SAST

1-2 March 2022 @16h00-22h00 SAST & 2-3 August 2022 @ SAST 15h00-21h00

Discover and learn how narratives shape and maintain identities through authorship and co-authorship.

What is it about?

We live in a world where the hunt is on to discover who we “really” are as individuals, teams, communities and organisations. In this hunting expedition we are expected to live according to our “true” or “authentic” nature and in line with our values individually and collectively. In our two days together, we will look this hunt in the eye and explore the following together:

  • The philosophical approach from where the ideas around identity grow
  • Discover and learn how narratives shape and maintain identities
  • Discover the practices that invite a multiplicity of identities and authenticities
  • What does authorship and co-authorship of identities mean?
  • Discover and learn how communities can cultivate identities that take them forward

When? 3-4 August 2021 @15h00-21h00 SAST

1-2 March 2022 @16h00-22h00 SAST & 2-3 August 2022 @ SAST 15h00-21h00

Where?  Zoom interactive online workshop

The cost? $250 per person

Who should attend? Re-authoring workshops come alongside all who fulfill an individual- or team role within their organisations, institutions or communities such as: leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaching professionals, educators, social workers, facilitators of group-work, activists and healthcare professionals.

How will we learn? The workshop is one in a series of five workshops that can be attended as a whole or separately. These workshops address the most important themes of re-authoring ideas and practices over a 6-month period. The workshops are designed to be stand-alone experiences of learning so that participants can enter the journey at any point without feeling excluded. If you are interested in integrating the re-authoring ideas and practices into your life and work, you can also take part in an apprentice journey that will run simultaneously to the workshop mentioned above.

Invite me to adapt and facilitate this workshop for you: This workshop is also available to organisations or communities.

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