| The origins of Apprentice Paths, Journeys and Workshops |

The Re-authoring the World Paths, Journeys and Workshops grow from the Re-authoring the World book and further builds on and explores these initial ideas, lenses and practices. These paths, journeys and workshops have been infused both locally and internationally by workshops and apprentice journeys that have been conducted in various forms in South Africa since 2012, with 20 participants in Belgium from 2016-2018 as well as online participants from the USA, Russia, Mauritius and Jordan.

| Introduction Journey: Exploring the landscape |

Re-authoring Identity

Experiencing Narrative practices in your own life story | The philosophical approach from where the ideas around identity grow | Discover and learn how narratives shape and maintain identities| Discover and learn how communities of concern can come alongside preferred identities| Explorations around community identities

Re-authoring the World

Discover and learn how to work with taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs within various contexts| Discovering the joy of acts of refusal and protest | Working with the influence of taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas | Inviting the alternative emerging narratives to come alongside

Re-authoring Diversity & Inclusion

Discovering the role of culture in constructing the “other” | The role of language in constructing the “other” | Understanding privilege and power in inclusion | Practices that includes and welcome the stranger

Re-authoring Narratives we want more of

Practices that uncover alternative moments and outcomes | Practices that enrich moments we want more of | Weaving alternative moments through embodiment and rituals | The impact of alternative narratives on the context | Narratives of our imagined futures

Re-authoring Problem Narratives

How to work with conflict and problem narratives in individual and group contexts| Understanding the role of taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas in conflict and problem narratives| Placing the problem in relation to individuals and communities | Standing against problems

Re-authoring Listening, Questioning & Documenting

Being with your client in transformational ways | Listening in transformational ways | Asking questions in transformational ways | Documentation, rituals and celebrations

Apprenticeship Path

If you like to go deep, the Apprentice Path will provide you with the depth on a workshop-, integration and coaching level

| Deepening Journey: Practicing the art and craft |

The second journey, focuses on the practices of the re-authoring lens which will assist in developing one’s craft in this work. The journey will consist of the following 6 workshops:







Performing Practices


Dignity, Beauty and Honor


Identity, community and weaving


| Mastering Journey: Application in the field |

These workshops will be applicable for participants who have completed all the workshops in the Deepening Journey. The third journey will focus on specific areas and fields of applications for the re-authoring lens and practices that would also include the design of processes and the developing of projects. The following 6 workshops will form part of this journey:



Cultural Transformation

Community work




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