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Story of Us

Our co-facilitation journey started in 2008 when we were both invited to participate as facilitators in a big change initiative at one of the platinum mining groups here in South Africa. The 4-year journey taught me about how powerful stories are to “unother” the other, how willing and open participants are to have difficult conversations if the space for dignity is created and how the taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas about one another are so influential in what we think and do. Most important of all, it gave me the gift of beautiful friendships that grew out of hours of driving, talking, dreaming and working together. It is here where I met Lungi Molamu, my dear friend and co-facilitator.

Our work is built on a deep friendship, years of experience in the evolution of the field of Diversity and Inclusion and for the last couple of years, narrative re-authoring ideas and practices have influenced how we create a re-dignifying space where our conversations invite stories that build bridges to the other.

Meet Lungi Molamu

Lungi Molamu is an Organisational Development Consultant from South Africa having worked for over twenty years in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. She completed a two- year Advanced Diploma in Narrative Ideas in 2016 and has been incorporating these ideas in her work. The gifts she brings to her work on Diversity and Inclusion as a Narrative Therapist drives her to examine and to question the social conditioning, we have taken for granted. 

The various roles we have created for ourselves and others over time, and the realisation that we have choices in re-authoring these narratives. This re-authoring constitutes a new relationship with life and the world. It enables one the creation and recreation of the self as a character in one’s own on-going story. It has a transformational character which is critical in Diversity and Inclusion.


What is the role of the re-authoring ideas and practices in diversity and inclusion work?

Re-authoring work facilitates ways of seeing and doing that invites individuals, communities and organisations to take back the pen in the authoring of their lives and their worlds. It builds on the human capacity to weave meaning into narratives in our given world. As we do this work, the beauty, dignity and knowledge of individuals and communities are deeply honoured. Re-authoring work opens up new possibilities and imagined futures wherein human beings co-author their relationships with everything we are in a relationship with.

In diversity and inclusion work, through the re-authoring lens, all who participate are seen as “respectworthy” because they “possess the greatest kind of value, not because they are useful for bringing about somebody else’s goals or desires, but simply because they live a human life. They matter. They have dignity and we owe them respect”. (Hilde Lindemann Nelson, 2001, Damaged Identities: Narrative Repair)

Diversity and inclusion work that grows from the re-authoring approach understands that the way we see and act towards people who are different from us in terms of race, gender, age, culture, language, etc. are shaped and maintained through narratives, and the histories that have shaped these narratives and the taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas that support them.


Re- authoring school communities – Invitation to Transformation

We offer processes and experiences that bring invitations and practices that re-humanise school communities through the telling, retelling and witnessing of the multiple stories of our lived experiences.

Re-authoring work provides ways of seeing and doing that invite individuals, communities and organisations to move through because it

  • Builds human connections with the “other” that honours their beauty, dignity and knowledges
  • Co-creates team/communal stories that we want more of
  • Assists in separating from team/communal stories that we want less of
  • Facilitates conversations where the problem is the problem
  • Invites ownership in co-authoring a different future
  • Allows for the invitation of one to really listen to the story of the other
  • What are the things we want to do differently as a school community?

Self-Discovery Course: Re-authoring The World


  • Discovering the role of culture in constructing the “other”
  • The role of language in constructing the “other”
  • Understanding privilege and power in inclusion
  • Practices that includes and welcome the stranger

When? 12-13 January 2021 @16h00-22h00 SAST and 6-7 July 2021 @15h00-21h00 SAST

Coaching and Consulting

Invite us to adapt and facilitate this workshop for you: This workshop is also available to organisations or communities and can be facilitated inhouse. Lungi and Chené are also available to provide coaching in the field of diversity and inclusion.

Contact me chene@transformations.co.za or Lungi lungiemolamu@gmail.com for more information

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