Self-Discovery Course: Re-authoring Diversity and Inclusion


How can we re-author our relationship to the other? How can we un-other the other? Discover and learn how:

  • the role of culture, language and narratives construct the “other”
  • practices of dignity can welcome and include the “other”

Contact me for more information or coupon codes if you are registering as a participant from the NPO/NGO sector and/or citizens living on the African


Discover and learn how our stories of the “other” shape and maintain who we include and exclude in our relationships, communities and organisations.

What is it about? We will explore how our capacity as story-makers and meaning-makers influence our way of being with the “other”. We will also discover how the gifts of dignity, human connectedness and hospitality can open up possibilities in our relationships to “unother” the “other”.

We will focus on the following:
• The role of culture, language and narratives in constructing the “other”
• Practices that includes and welcome the stranger/ “other”

Who should attend? Leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaching professionals, educators, social workers, facilitators of group-work, activists and healthcare professionals.

The cost: $130

The Facilitators: Chené Swart and Lungi Molamu, have been co-facilitating diversity and inclusion workshops together for nearly 10 years. Their work is built upon a deep friendship and love for narrative re-authoring ideas that continually open new ideas and practices in this work.

How will we learn? In this self-discovery journey we learn through the moments of our own lives, exploration questions, videos, ideas and practices that seek to ignite the beauty and dignity of all who participates.

And there is more: This self-discovery journey is one in a series of six journeys that can be attended as a whole or separately. These journeys address the most important themes of re-authoring ideas and practices. These self-discovery journeys are designed to be stand-alone experiences of learning. If you are interested in integrating the re-authoring ideas and practices into your life and work, you can also take part in a self-discovery online apprentice journey.

Invite us to adapt and/or facilitate this self-discovery process for your organisation or community. 


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