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If you do not find a time on the calendar that suits you or the time zone you are in, you are so welcome to send me an email to so that we can find a time that works for both of us.


Re-authoring narratives online coaching topics to choose from:

  • Re-authoring Identity
    • Discover and learn how narratives shape and maintain identities through authorship and co-authorship
  • Re-authoring the World
    • Discover and learn how taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs shape and maintain our world and how our acts of refusal and protest bring the gift of the alternative
  • Re-authoring Diversity and Inclusion
    • Discover and learn how our stories of the “other” shape and maintain who we include and exclude in our relationships, communities and organisations.
  • Re-authoring narratives we want more of
    • Discover and learn how we can nurture and enrich stories that we value so that it can have a more important place in our individual and organisational lives
  • Re-authoring Narratives we want less of
    • Discover and learn how our stories of problem moments can be held with dignity and where conflict disillusion practices create alternative possibilities for individuals and organisations.
  • Re-authoring questions, listening and documentation
    • Discover and learn how our ways of listening, questioning and documenting can transport individuals and organisations to other worlds as it ignites the beauty and the dignity of all who participates.

To schedule a coaching session contact Chené Swart at:

If you would like to have a sense of the Re-authoring approach to coaching, you are welcome to follow the links below that would give you a sense of the leans and practices you would encounter in coaching with me:

  1. Re-authoring coaching at the Conversations Among Masters conference in San Diego 2014
  2. Coaching and community at the Conversations Among Masters conference in San Diego 2014
  3. Narrative Practices in Coaching and Consultation: Kenwood Therapy Center, Minneapolis, USA 2014
  4. Re-authoring Coaching:  Copenhagen University, Denmark 1 October 2014
  5. In a podcast interview with Anne Schweppenhäußer from ICF Deutschland, we explored the re-authoring ideas and practices in the context of coaching



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