Re-authoring Leadership


Questions we explore: What is my leadership story? How do I co-author organisational narratives? How do I engage with problem stories as a leader

What is it about? In our two days together, participants will obtain an understanding of their own personal and leadership narratives and their role in organisations to co-author organisational narratives that collectively move the organisation forward into a preferred future. We will name, explore, thicken and enrich the leadership stories we want to fully live into and also explore the theory and practices that enable leaders to live from these explored leadership narratives. We will focus on the following themes:

  • Leadership identities
  • Leadership contexts and its power to shape and maintain
  • Leadership gifts and understandings to facilitate conversations
  • Working with problem stories as leaders

Who should attend? Leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaching professionals, educators, social workers, facilitators of group-work, activists and healthcare professionals.

The cost: $250 per person

How will we learn? In this workshop, we learn through conversation and the movement between content and life experiences. The learning experience seeks to ignite the beauty and dignity of all who participates. We will do our best to make our time over the 2 days as engaging as possible with enough breaks to keep the attention, small group conversations, content pieces, individual work, group conversations and sharing reflections.

And there is more: This workshop is one in a series of three workshops that applies re-authoring ideas and practices to leadership, womanhood and scarcity and abundance. If you are curious to experience and learn more about the re-authoring ideas and practices, you can attend 6 workshops that address the most important themes of these ideas and practices over a 6-month period. The workshops are designed to be stand-alone experiences of learning so that participants can enter the journey at any point without feeling excluded. If you are interested in integrating the re-authoring ideas and practices into your life and work, you can also take part in an apprentice journey that will run simultaneously to the workshop mentioned above.

Invite us to adapt and facilitate this workshop for you: This workshop is also available to organisations or communities.

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