| Re-authoring the World |

Discover and learn how taken for-granted ideas and beliefs shape and maintain our world and how our acts of refusal and protest bring the gift of the alternative.

What is it about? In our two days together, we will explore how what we take for granted in our societies are created, supported and sustained. We will focus on the following themes and questions: • Discover and learn how to work with taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs • Learn how to work with the influence of taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas • Discover the joy of acts of refusal and protest • Discover and learn how to give the competing alternative narratives an opportunity in a world that says: “This is just the way it is!”

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    Re-authoring IdentityRe-authoring the WorldRe-authoring Diversity and InclusionRe-authoring narratives we want more ofRe-authoring Narratives we want less ofRe-authoring questions, listening and documentation

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