| Re-authoring the future of travel and hospitality |

the future of travel and hospitality

Griet Bouwen,
Marianne Schapmans &
Chené Swart

In this chapter we tell the story of a future in travel and
hospitality that is being re-authored as we speak. This story
is currently unfolding in the governmental office of Tourism
Flanders (Visit Flanders) and its Holiday Participation Centre.
Appreciative Inquiry, Generative Journalism and the Reauthoring
work collaborated to facilitate transformational
ways of seeing and being that re-ignited the dignity of all
who participate in creating possibilities for people to travel
and to host travellers. Together we will explore the practices
of listening, writing and sharing of real-life stories that reauthor
the future of travel.
Re-authoring the future of travel and hospitality is an exciting
movement that will inspire you, spark your imagination for
the futures you would like to re-author, give you the tools
and practises to embark on your own journey and also show
you how you can be part of this movement. Download PDF

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