| Re-authoring narratives we want more of |

Discover and learn how we can nurture and enrich stories that we value so that it can have a more important place in our individual and organisational lives

What is it about?

Individually and organisationally our lives are filled with moments that spark our imaginations of a different future. Sometimes we wish these significant moments can play a larger role in our lives.  In our two days together, we will explore the following:

  • Discover practices that uncover alternative moments and outcomes
  • Discover and learn how individuals and communities can cultivate narratives that take them forward
  • How do we weave alternative moments through embodiment and rituals into our communal and individual lives?
  • What is the relationship and impact of alternative narratives on the context
  • Discover the narratives of our imagined futures

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    Re-authoring IdentityRe-authoring the WorldRe-authoring Diversity and InclusionRe-authoring narratives we want more ofRe-authoring Narratives we want less ofRe-authoring questions, listening and documentation

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