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For the past 8 years I had the privilege to share Re-authoring ideas and practices with leaders at the University of Stellenbosch’s Business School in their Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development (https://www.usb.ac.za/course/leadership-development/ ).

Because of the lockdown here in South Africa, the session with 40 students were facilitated online for the first time. It was a magical morning with the students as they reflected on a moment as a leader that they would want more of in their lives.  We also employed practices that enrich and thicken these stories. This is what participants said:

“I fascinated about everyone’s ability to tell their story without a lot of time to prepare. It shows how we are able to re-live those moments we are passionate about and are able to bring others into those moments and derive meaning and become co-authors in the narrative.” 

The moments that were shared “were all so different, yet inspiring, indicating leadership is evident in every context, aspect and situations in life.”

“My imagination was inspired by the surprise of the story moment the two people in my group shared. It’s not that I had a different story in mind for them, it was more the joy and excitement I experienced as they shared their wonderful moments. Both are so much more than I previously knew and thought of them. Inspirational people filled with courage, dedication, and hearts filled with love. “

“I was fascinated by the details in the stories, sights, sounds, smells described. Also, how the leader is a role model, making hard decisions or acting differently from the norm. What really resonated with me is the incredible examples fellow participants set as leaders in their own environments.”

“Fascinated about what members are doing in their communities, bringing hope, education, development. Positive impacts, I am hopeful. Good work, good stories happening in our country.”

“We are really “poorer” because we do not make enough time to listen to one another’s stories.”

I always had so many doubts about co-creating human connectedness, knowledges and sometimes even transformation through online learning, but these reflections and our time together showed me that it is possible, it was such a joy to learn with this community of leaders!  

If you are interested to read more about Re-authoring Leadership Narratives you can read this article,  https://transformations.co.za/re-authoring-leadership-narratives-with-and-within-organizations/   or watch this interview with David Hutchens: https://youtu.be/M_ksxA6IvcM

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