Narrative: Consultant – Coach – Trainer - Facilitator



This workshop is suitable for any individual who is interested in exploring the Narrative process and lens as it relates to strategic conversations. Leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaches, educators, social workers and healthcare practitioners are welcome to come and discover the practices and power of re-authoring and re-storying conversations about our preferred imagined future.  


Stories are powerful because they speak about and shape our realities: who we are, how we relate to others and who we can become as individuals, communities and organisations. In Narrative work, strategy is the naming and narrating of an imagined future that is collectively constructed from our individual, our organisational and our contextual story. The Re-authoring Strategic Conversations workshop aims to share and practice the skills needed to co-create, build and collectively name this preferred imagined future. Within the Narrative work this imagined future is co-created by everybody in the organisation and the leader is not expected to decide alone what a preferred future will look like. The Narrative practices enable organisations to unpack the history and collectively interpret it so that a richer description of the future is produced, a future that is built on the gifts, hopes, values, passions, dreams and strengths of the work-community. The work-community is invited to collectively create a discourse of direction that influences one another’s actions. The telling and re-telling of our imagined future shapes the work-community and culture of the organisation. As we find connection within and between our narratives, it creates greater possibilities. Narrative strategic work is never static because it exists in the constant movement and transformation of the telling and re-telling of the narratives of our imagined future. One of the gifts of this work is that it creates shared meaning that is spoken by everyone in the organisation with a joint connection to the purpose. The harvesting of the potential of participants’ collective efforts invites human flourishing into organisation. Because of this gift there is no need to coax anybody in the organisation to get their buy in for the new strategy.

This workshop is suitable for any individual who is interested in exploring the Narrative process by bringing their stories and challenges of strategic work into the room.


Participants will practice the skills of:

•  Invitation for work-communities to express themselves in their own vocabularies that creates ownership of the stories being told and lived
• Creating imaginative conversations that nourish work-communities in the telling of and listening to their stories
• Engaging everybody in the strategic process so that work-communities moves collectively towards a future that they have named and co-created
•  Inviting employees and stakeholders to become full participants in the telling and acting of the their alternative preferred strategic future


Day 1

• Exploring the role of narratives in crafting strategic conversations
• Harvesting individual and communal narratives and histories as springboard for our imagined future
• Harvesting the gifts, hopes and dreams that flow from these stories
• How to collectively name our experience of the organisation in this moment in time

Day 2

• Naming the communal character of an organisation as a way to understand what is next for the organisation
• Name, dream and imagine collectively what is possible for an organisation from our individual and communal stories
• Unpack the actions, practices, promises and values that will guide this new future



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