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This workshop comes alongside all who are interested in re-authoring their narratives of and relationship with Stress.  


The Re-authoring Stories about Stress workshop provides an application of Narrative ideas and practices as it relates to the story and meaning-making of Stress. You will have the opportunity to work with your narratives within your own experiences and understandings as well as receive the conversational tools to apply these ideas to your own relationship with and management of Stress. These conversational tools will also enable you to assist others in re-authoring their stories and relationship with Stress.


    • Understanding and unpacking the multiplicity of stories that inform your relationship with Stress

    • Name and explore the alternative narratives in your relationship with Stress

    • Identifying the taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs about Stress

    • Re-authoring an alternative future relationship with Stress


Day 1

    • Understand the meaning and narratives of Stress

    • How is Stress invited into your life?

    • How does Stress influence your life?

    • Reflections & Relaxation exercises

Day 2

    • Exploring alternative narratives of Living

    • Exploring anti-stress practices 

    • Reflections & Relaxation exercises


    • My experience of the workshop was extremely wonderful and it made me realise that there are many ways to fight stress.

    • I was able to identify the main stressors in my life and explore the many alternative stories that were the highlights in my story and how they contributed to my being able to deal with the stress.

    • My experience of the workshop was very good. I learnt and discovered things that I was not aware of. I now have an understanding of stress and how dangerous stress can be in one’s life. During the duration of the workshop, I was able to ease some of the stress that was troubling me.

• It’s been rewarding, uplifting and educational. I have learnt various ways of combating stress and have become more mature and skilful so as to guard against and even throttle the stress!

    • It was very eye-opening and interesting – thank you very much! What struck me most was that I could identify stress-related problems that I had never known about. It feels great to be the boss of stress and not vice versa!

• What struck me most is that from your stress-story, you are able to come back and realise the coping skills you still have to overcome whatever situation you are in.

    • My experience of the workshop was extremely informative, appropriate and applicable both personally and in a professional capacity. Thank you for the well-structured course that ordered our pre-knowledge and experience and for teasing our curiosity to find out more. This knowledge will certainly help us to become more effective in fulfilling our purpose in providing our learners with much more than only a basic education.

• My experience of the workshop was very informative in a sense that it made me have a different perspective of stress in terms of managing, identifying and coping under stressful circumstances. What struck me most was the information shared by the whole group, participation and the discipline at all time. The respect and tolerance among the group members were superb.

    • It had a major positive impact on my life. Putting into perspective ways and ideas of managing my stress levels first in order to be able to be more effective in my work with young people in distress that we deal with. Group discussions and feedback from the participants had been very helpful. What made an impression on me is the way the session was facilitated giving us participants the time to actively participate and not just passive presence.


Photo by Harriet Kaufman

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