Narrative: Consultant – Coach – Trainer – Facilitator



This workshop comes alongside all who are interested in engaging and convening in conversations where Narrative work becomes a participant in the practices and doing of spirituality. You will be invited to re-author the relationship to and with spirituality in co-creating a world where our spirituality flows over into the journey of the common good for all.  


The Re-authoring Spirituality workshop invites an alternative story with spirituality that respects the multiplicity of our experiences and stories about God. Within the Narrative approach the presence of difference and otherness in experience is therefore accepted as a given in our spiritual journeys. Narrative work comes alongside people in both understanding the multiplicity of stories about God, spirituality as well as the daily practices and living of this life. As we therefore witness our diverse stories of God and how that influences our lives we are acting and doing spirituality with one another. In this journey of doing and acting spirituality with people, we co-create sacred conversations and practices whereby we live and make meaning of our lives. Spirituality is therefore seen as the lived experience of relationship with God, with people, and with creation, fed by a longing for justice and wholeness and a resistance to all that thwarts well-being. Doing spirituality within the lens of the Narrative work recognizes that every person’s ideas of God are influenced by a plurality of perspectives that include a religious language, religious documents, class, race, gender, family background, interests, prejudices, commitments and concerns. Within this plurality of perspectives, every person imagines God personally and differently. A person therefore continues to co-create an evolving story with God that is uniquely his or her own. The Re-authoring Spirituality workshop comes alongside participants to become aware of their views of God and spirituality and this awareness helps us to live more integrated lives in respect of our spirituality and also helps us to do spirituality with those we journey with.


    • Experiencing the diverse descriptions of spirituality in our lived experience

    • Exploring a spirituality aimed at the continual transformation of faith in God as He/She reveals him-/herself throughout history.


Day 1

    • What is spirituality?

    • Listening and questioning through the gift of the Narrative work

    • Exploring respectful practices for the unique stories of God/Divine/Mystery

    • Using the sacred texts respectfully

    • Understanding the role of taken-for- granted beliefs and power in spirituality

Day 2

    • Exploring the influence and history of the stories of spirituality

    • A doing of spirituality 

    • Exploring the rich descriptions of spirituality in community

    • Celebrating the community and spirituality


    • I have been challenged to begin to look at life from different perspectives and to see there are many roads ahead to follow, crossroads too, where one can change, even backtrack a little and set off in an exciting new direction.

    • The Narrative workshop has changed my way of thinking. It has brought humility forward. It helps me to be nice to people even if they think differently from you. If you get used to this humility and you end up being nice to everyone.

• On a spiritual level the workshop meant more to me than years of attending church and Bible study, specifically due the value of non-judgement. Not to judge is to accept and love.

    • The workshop definitely brought a new and exciting dimension to my faith journey.

• God acquired a more social, ethical, humanitarian face in my mind. A face that can be seen when people care about each other, not only a dogmatic, scriptural God but a God brimming with compassion.

    • The workshop has made me think more closely about what God means. It has really made me think about other people’s gods. Yet for me there is one God, but that does not say that it has to be so for everybody else. Narrative work allows you to think about lots of things.



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