Narrative: Consultant Coach Trainer - Facilitator



This workshop invites all who are interested in re-authoring the way they lead teams, groups and organisations. Everyone in a leadership position or working with leaders would therefore find this workshop meaningful.


Re-authoring Leadership is an invitation to leaders as facilitators and co-creators of an alternative story that acknowledges leading with and not leading for. Leaders will also explore their Narrative competence as they work with their preferred leadership narratives and experiences. Narratives are powerful because they speak about and shape our realities, who we are, how we relate to others and who we can become as individuals, communities and companies. In the Narrative approach we believe that leaders play a very important role in the narratives that are told about the company, the work we do, the teams and the business. Leadership in this understanding knows that every conversation, meeting and interaction creates possibilities or closes them down. Leaders therefore have the power to engage with people in a way that shifts conversations and narratives away from problems, blame and shame to ownership, accountability and possibility. Effective and inclusive leaders therefore understand the context they enter, invite their team members to be partners and “owners” of the organisation, tap into their own preferred leadership stories and are able to convene powerful conversations that shifts problems to possibilities.   The workshop aims to generate a living dialogue on leadership including all the voices and expertise in the room in co-constructing an alternative preferred story about leadership that would create a new future.


    Leaders will explore, understand and practice how

      - to lead from their preferred stories

      - build relationships that will take the business forward

      - to convene conversations that shift from problem stories to stories of possibilities 

      - to facilitate deep participation where the members of their teams will flourish


    Leaders will practice the skills to create teams that

      - take ownership and accountability for the business

      - understand that the stories they tell create the possibilities for the business

      - can talk about difficult challenges

      - have a sense of belonging to the team

Day 1

    Discovering my own preferred leadership stories

    The language of leadership creates a world

    Leaders understanding their contexts

    The power of leadership towards an alternative future

Day 2

    Leadership re-authoring relationships

    Leading from the alternative preferred stories of teams and organisations

    Leadership as facilitators and convenors of a new kind of conversation

    Leading celebration


    Having never heard of Narrative Practices before, I honestly never expected much. However, what it turned out to be, was one of the most defining moments in both my life and career. In just two days, my perspective of my life, my relationships with family, my relationships with friends, my career goals and my relationship with the world as a whole, was completely transformed. As a leader, I now know what is expected of me, and more importantly, I now have the confidence to brush aside all previously preconceived ideas and beliefs, that were unbeknownst to me, hindering my progress. Narrative Practices is something everyone should be exposed to.


    I believe the possibilities are endless to take our teams to new heights with the tools that Narrative Leadership gave us over the past two days.


    I found it really empowering, showing that we are the leaders of our life. There are always choices and our choices influence the co-creation that we live and call life.

     The Narrative practices create an atmosphere which enables us to trust each other and open a forum which made it easy for us to enter into conversations. I learned a lot from listening to the personal stories and insights of others. I then felt more comfortable sharing than I normally am. As a leader, I gained a clear sense of what is possible to build trust in roles for example as board of director and teacher, by engaging conversations built on the Narrative structure.



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