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We live in a country that holds the full complexity of humanity in the grief and the dance, the poor and the rich, the old and the new, our history and our future.  Leadership alignment in these multifaceted times require the art of holding it all whilst also creating an alternative narrative that takes the future of our companies and our country to the common good for all, which includes the bottom line. If you are a leader interested in shifting the story with your organisation and team, come and join us!


What’s in a word? A World! Re-authoring Leadership Alignment is an invitation to take back the pen and the brush and write and paint an alternative world as we re-author what it means to align with one another as leaders and with our teams in co-creating an alternative future. The Narrative approach comes alongside leaders in these complex and multifaceted times and offers a process and skills that shifts and transforms the stories we tell about ourselves, our teams, our companies and our country. The stories we tell about our identities, our work and our country are powerful because they shape what is possible in who we can become individually and collectively. The Narrative approach therefore enables leaders to again become authors in co-creating teams and companies that move South Africans forward in being the alternative story in our world.


The Narrative approach will gift leaders with the following outcomes:

• Naming, telling and understanding the leadership stories that inform their work

• Enabling teams to co-create a vision of the future that moves away from problem stories

• Integrate the skills required wherein leaders are convenors of conversations and processes that shape the future of our organisations and country in a new way   


Day 1

Leadership Conversations

• What are the preferred stories of leadership that inform my work?

• What is my work as a leader in this company?

• Where am I heading as a leader?

• What am I committed to as a leader?

Day 2

Team Conversations

• How to build a team

• How to have difficult conversations in the team

• How to invite and celebrate difference in my team

• How to create a culture of ownership beyond the blame-game

How to invite my team’s strengths, gifts and passions to be shared with the team


We stand at a very important time in the history of our country where leaders can be trapped in the past, the history and their own survival or lift their heads and take ownership of the possibility to be collaborators with work-communities in co-creating an alternative future by re-authoring the stories we tell as leaders and workers, one narrative at a time.



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