Narrative: Consultant – Coach – Trainer – Facilitator



This workshop comes alongside all who work with teams or groups within their organisations, institutions or communities such as: leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaching professionals, educators, social workers and healthcare professionals. You will be invited to re-author the nature of how we gather and convene that invites transformation to occur.


The Re-authoring Group- and Team Conversations workshop invites an alternative story to the gathering of groups and teams that shifts from something we must get over with as soon as possible, to gatherings of flourishing human beings. Gathering with the lens of the Narrative practices value the voices and knowledges of the participants, create the experience of non-judgement where trust can show up, welcome human beings to express the gifts that they receive from one another and open up the possibility for narratives to shift collectively because of the way that we gather. Why does this matter? All of these values, practices and experiences invite the possibility for teams and groups to experience communal transformation into their preferred narratives and futures. 


• Understanding and working with the multiplicity of stories of individuals and groups

    • Facilitating and co-creating alternative narratives in group- and team  conversations

    • Identifying and interacting with the taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs about groups, teams and communities

    • Inviting and co-creating connection and transformation within the group- and team conversations

    • Respecting the local knowledges and expertise of individuals in groups and teams

    • Coming alongside groups and teams to thicken and enrich their preferred stories

    • Re-authoring an alternative future with groups and teams


Day 1

    •  What is Narrative group- and teamwork?

    • Exploring the values and practices that construct this work

    • The role of narratives in group- and teamwork

    • Exploring the taken-for-granted beliefs and power in co-constructing group- and teamwork

Day 2

    • Exploring the richness of the treasure chest of alternative narratives with groups

    • Why do we give gifts to one another?

    • Co-creating transformational spaces with groups and teams


    • The theoretical representation on one page made sense to me and was very helpful. This experience made the fear of group work go away. I always thought that you have to know and work with people for a long time before trust can be established, the conversations with strangers in groups of three challenged this notion. The day created a kind of intimacy that showed how fragile we are, took away some of the walls around me and made me experience my humanity again. 

    • Something shifted for me. I realized how quickly you can create trust in a small group. I used to think that it takes long and is hard work.

• When people offer their stories to one another, they offer a part of themselves. The giving of gifts to one another is a sacred experience. I now think that belonging might not be such a bad experience anymore. I think I have moved from individualism to community in some way.

    • This is just so doable, you can apply it in your work, with your family etc.

• This workshop was a blessing to me. Narrative work was presented in a very understandable way. It was a life changing workshop, it led to practical application, for example, the gifts conversation and the small groups. It was very empowering.

    • I have been given a tool to open up possibilities and a way of making a contribution.

• We are not machines, we are human beings. Our humanity can come out when we are not judged. I realised the power of connection that honesty and valuing one another can bring. I feel a lot lighter and motivated.

    • I think trust can take our organisation to a level of intimacy that can unlock something for the firm. I was cynical about sharing gifts with one another, but how fearless it moves. Lots of layers of humanity were revealed when we dropped the veil of judgement. It is more intimate and relinquishes control. 



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