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This workshop is suitable for any individual who is interested in exploring the Narrative process and lens as it relates to diversity conversations. Leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaches, educators, social workers and healthcare practitioners are welcome to come and discover the power of re-authoring and re- storying the ideas about the “other” we have come to take for granted.   


The Re-authoring Diversity Conversations will give you the opportunity to experience interactive diversity work based on the Narrative lens and practices. Within the Narrative approach to diversity, we work from the premise that the stories we hold about the “other” (people who are different from us in terms of race, gender, age, culture, language, class, sexual orientation, religion, education etc.) are set within taken-for-granted notions that can be challenged and changed in an instant. These realities about the “other” are organised and maintained through narratives. These narratives are legitimised by our claims that our own version of reality of the “other” is true and sometimes the only truth. We end up with competing narratives about one another, all claiming to be the right and true description of the “other”. These competing narratives result in the discrimination, conflicts, wars, violence, xenophobia and genocides we have come to take as the way things are. Diversity conversations in this understanding are primarily not about our differences like race and gender but an invitation to openness of the alternative story of the “other” that can change in less than a second. The transformation of our story of the “other” is different than change management and reform which is unkind to transformation. This is a fresh and alternative approach to what we have come to take for granted in diversity workshops.


Participants will discover and explore:

    • The Narrative lens and practices for re-humanising our world

    • Their stories about the “other”

    • And unpack the stories about the “other”  that are not useful and thicken the ones that move them forward

    • How they interact with power and privilege

    • How they have formed stories of the other

    • How they can live into alternative stories of the other

    • The effects of the exclusion of the “other”

    • The possibility of community that is so much more than we could ever imagine


Day 1

    • Unpacking our stories about the “other”

    • How do we know what we know?

    • How do we make decisions about the “other”

    • Unpacking the effects of the stories about the “other”

Day 2

    • How do we interact with power and privilege

    • Unpacking the alternative narratives about the “other”

    • Discovering and re-authoring repetitive narratives that gets us stuck in transforming our world

    • The possibility of community that is so much more than we could ever imagine


    • This workshop has revealed a new way of thinking about and experiencing of diversity. While I understand the nature of divergent group processes (because of my work), I didn’t know how diversity topics such as gender, culture, race, etc. could be discussed in a safe and constructive manner. This workshop was the answer to my doubts about effective diversity work. I also learned a great deal about my own language patterns and those of the world. I am a more complete person after this workshop.

    • The workshop gave me tools to broaden what I already considered to be a broad perspective and worldview.  While I already considered myself to be open-minded, particularly where “diversity” was concerned, the two-day communal session helped me shine lights on areas that needed opening and just shift further, perspectives that could be broadened just a bit more. Brilliant! 

    • The diversity workshop through the Narrative lens makes the practice of engaging effectively in diverse relationships accessible and doable. These two days were guided with the solidity and assuredness of work that is ensconced in the theory and practice of the emerging creative dynamics of group processes.    

    • The diversity workshop is a necessary and very useful programme for anyone who works with individuals of a diverse background or just wants to be a more minded person. We were challenged in our assumptions and encouraged to see the “other’s” perspective. I made a lot of progress on several issues that I had facing me just by narrating them to others. I will recommend this programme to anyone who lives in this multicultural world!

    • The workshop helped me see more clearly how I want to be connected to the world – to people who are similar or different from me. It went way beyond the topic of diversity to really open new opportunities for me to connect with others. The Narrative practices we learned will be useful in all aspects of my life.

    • I came to the workshop believing that I was an open-minded person. I left feeling as though I had a revelation that would forever change me. I was surprised that I was in fact a close-minded person. However, the workshop helped me identify ways to change my story, to change the path that I’m on, to open my eyes to things, people and stories that have been in front of me so long. Amazing!

    • I came into this workshop with many doubts of why I was even coming and as we talked about the workshop I stereotyped in the worst way. But it was a great experience for me because not only did I realize that I wasn’t open enough but that I needed to tell my story more often. Coming into this workshop I would never have told the stories that I told to these people but after the encouragement I let go and shared my stories and I’m happy I did.

    • The power of this workshop was so much more than learning about “diversity”. It was moving forward of the personal, identifying the things that keep us stuck and the celebration of learning and progress of our story.




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