Narrative: Consultant Coach Trainer - Facilitator



This workshop is suitable for any individual who is interested in exploring the Narrative process and lens as it relates to culture transformation and culture building. Leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaches, educators, social workers and healthcare practitioners are welcome to come and discover the practices and power of re-authoring and re- storying organisational culture.  


The Re-authoring Culture Transformation and Culture Building workshop aims to share and practice the skills needed to co-create, build and collectively transform organisational culture through the Narrative approach. Because realities or culture are organised and maintained through narratives, organisational culture is seen as the treasure chest of collective and competing narratives that are told by everyone, both inside and outside of the organisation. These narratives can go way beyond the strategic plans and visionary objectives that you would find hanging in the reception area of the company. Organisational narratives are lived and told in the kitchen, just after meetings in the hallway, at family gatherings etc. To build and transform the culture of an organisation requires an awareness and understanding of the: power of the storying capacity of the work-community, the power of language in the creation of the culture, the influence of power in the telling of preferred organisational culture narratives and the importance of relationships that carry these narratives. Some of the dominant narratives that are told about the culture of an organisation may sound like: the lack of strategic thinking; low self-esteem; troubled relationships and a racist organisation, to name a few. The Narrative understanding proposes culture transformation and culture building as the shift from competing narratives toward a convergence into a common richly described and owned narrative that are co-constructed and agreed upon by all.

This workshop is suitable for any individual who is interested in exploring the Narrative process by bringing their stories and challenges within culture transformation and culture building into the room.


Understand and explore the storying capacity of human beings
Practice the skill and awareness of language as a collaborator in culture transformation and culture building
Practice the skill of naming dominant problem narratives and alternative preferred narratives
Creating the context of human connectedness for culture transformation and building
Re-author the narratives that lead to thin conclusions of who we are and who we can become as organisations
Respect the local knowledges and expertise of organisations
Thicken and enrich the preferred stories of organisations


Day 1

Unpacking our own relationship with culture transformation/building
o Practicing the skills to:
o Name narratives
o Unpack narratives
o Re-author Narratives
Understanding the role of taken-for-granted beliefs and power

Day 2

Exploring the alternative narrative of our organisational culture
Celebrating the alternative narratives in organisations
Co-creating a transformational space for organisations
Co-creating and crafting a common shared narrative
Living into the alternative narrative and sustainability thereof


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