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This workshop comes alongside all who are interested in engaging and convening conversations that transform within their organisations, institutions or communities such as: leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaching professionals, educators, social workers and healthcare professionals. You will be invited to re-author the relationship to and with transformation that invites alternative preferred futures.  


The Re-authoring Conversations that Transform workshop invites an alternative story, not only for our individual transformation, but also collectively co-constructs the possibility for communal transformation as we gather together. It opens up the practices for transformation and conversations that co-authors the possibilities for our world. The important role that taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs play in how we except “the way things are” and therefore sometimes lose hope that transformation is at all possible is explored and unpacked. Most importantly the role of narratives in transformation both in the speaking and acting in our world will be experienced and discussed. The workshop participants will also have an opportunity to practice rituals of transformative celebration and experience the importance of community in the work


    • Re-authoring your relationship with transformation

    • Understanding the role of taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs in transformation work

    • Learning from one another how transformation is co-constructed

    • Celebrating transformation with a community


    • The role of narratives in transformation

    • Taken-for-granted beliefs and power in co-constructing transformational spaces

    • Thickening and enriching the treasure chest of alternative narratives

    • Co-creating transformational spaces for organisations, communities and teams

    • Negotiating transformation in the journey between different worlds

    • Celebrating transformation


    • It was a wonderful inspiring day where we were shown our own ability to connect and see one another – and all the possibilities that flow from that deep connection to each other and to our world. It makes me hopeful to think that the Narrative message will go out and permeate all of us out into the world.

    • I received the gift of hope and possibility because we all co-author this world together.  The Narrative work offers a path into how we can connect with our deepest dreams and aspirations and how we can connect to each other’s dreams. We can tell a different story of “how things are”. We can change the world. There is hope, abundance and generosity.

• Great possibilities. I look forward to sharing what I have learned today with every client I meet, and every class I teach.

    • I have been inspired to think of new ways to help the people I work with unlock the places they are stuck.

• I was excited to find alternative stories and most of all unpacking the old ones. The possibility of the alternative process of developing and expanding on the new is invigorating.

    • The Narrative ideas have evolved my thinking and with it I was given the language to apply this new set of tools in transformation – one conversation at a time.

• I was astonished at the level of connection, honesty and personal insight that occurred between each person. Personally, it was the right time for re-authoring my own narrative and confirmation of the saying "the teacher arrives when the student is ready". I look forward to the new challenges of living fully into this new story. 

    • We move through life with many inferences defined by the narrative that develops through our institutional and social foundation. We are now living in times of exponential change and many of our traditional narratives no longer equip us for the road ahead. The Narrative approach requires that we challenge the relevance of our existing narratives and prepare for the challenges ahead.

• The insightful use of Narrative work brings a profound sense of shared humanity back into life’s conversations – both personal and professional!

    • The Narrative approach creates and teaches us to create an environment wherein the human heart is free to open and change. Our personal narratives and our world are thus transformed.

• The clarity and deep understanding of the Narrative work presented in this workshop created a safe trusting space to dive deeply into our stories and was a true gift. The exploration of our personal narratives lend to profound transformations.   For this I am grateful.

    • The two Narrative Workshops that I have attended have been so core to my growth - in who I am and the work that I do in the world. This work gracefully and compassionately helped me, and others, to re-author my story which is a true gift. As a result of this work I now see possibilities for myself and for the future of the planet. Thank you.


Photo by Harriet Kaufman

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