Narrative: Consultant Coach Trainer - Facilitator



This workshop is suitable for any individual who is interested in exploring the Narrative process and lens by bringing their own and their communal or organisational story into the room. Leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaches, educators, social workers and healthcare practitioners are welcome to come and discover the power of re-authoring and re- storying the worlds that we have come to take for granted.   


The Re-authoring Consulting and Teaming workshop will unpack and transform your relationship with teaming and consulting. This workshop will enable consultants to relate to clients as equals, co-constructing with them an alternative future and narrative. The Narrative approach to consulting creates the space where the client can show up us resourceful, imaginative and knowledgeable. We will explore the skills and practices that enable and invite transformation so that we can experience transformation that is more richly described and co-constructed.   As part of this experiential learning workshop participants will be invited into consulting relationships as client and consultant. In the interactive learning space we will be working with the practices, values and assumptions of the Narrative approach while applying it to real life organisational/communal stories.


    • Understand and work with some of our own consulting stories and the conclusions we draw from them

    • Practice the skill of consulting and teaming using Narrative practices

    • Learn to work with problem and alternative stories of teams in organisations

    • Learn to co-create alternative narratives in organisations and communities

    • Identify and interact with taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs in organisational work

    • Invite and co-create connection and transformation within the team or community

    • Participants will be able to apply these practices with their internal and external clients as the workshop will invite them to work with these ideas as they learn about them.

    • Generative questions, small and large group conversations and reflections will provide the co-creation of knowledge and learning for the day.

    • Participants will also be able to leave with a Narrative process that will help them to engage with the multiplicity of stories of their own lives as well as their organisations in a way that open up new possibilities.

    • The Narrative approach will be experienced as a lens to see our lives and world anew  

    • Teaming and consulting will be unpacked, re-storied and re-authored as our participation in the world really matters


Day 1

    • What is Narrative Consulting?

    • The skill of co-constructing the consulting relationship

    • Exploring taken-for-granted beliefs and ideas in organisational/communal life

    • Applying the Narrative approach in discovering the organisational/communal story

    • Exploring our consulting and teaming stories and how they inform our lives

    • Unpacking the influence of these stories on the organisation and the team

    • Constructing decisions and rituals in relation to these stories

Day 2

    • Incorporating the gifts of the organisation, team or community

    • Exploring common themes and challenges within the consulting/community field

    • Discovering how to work and unpack the stories of teams

    • Naming the dominant and alternative stories that teams are in relationship with

    • Discovering how our stories construct our organisations, communities and teams

    • Engaging with and thickening preferred stories of possibility in teams and organizations


    • This workshop took us for two days through a process to experience and then we learned how to facilitate the Narrative process. It was so rich. As well as having a personal breakthrough in my own narrative, gift-upon-gift, we then learned some of the heartfelt care for the community that lies at the center of this work as it was clearly conveyed and lived.

    • This workshop holds the key to the magic kingdom. It opens the door through the unique presence and language of Narrative practices. If you walk through this portal your experience of your life is transformed.

    • This workshop takes an extremely complex set of ideas and brings them to life in a deep and meaningful way. With guidance I had multiple opportunities to re-author personal and professional narratives in a more positive way. I look forward to using the tools and techniques learned in order to begin achieving personal goals as well as to help various organisations achieve their missions.

    • This workshop has a sublime mix of embodied wisdom and process savvy. This workshop is a gift to the communities and individuals who are wise enough to experience this workshop.

    • This workshop brought many gifts. The training in using the Narrative practices opened up many possibilities. It has given me a great tool to use in consulting and training. Also, the depth to which people went in releasing old stifling stories and breathing into more life-filled alternative ones gave me many ideas of how I could work the process together with meditation and revisioning work I have been engaged in to create quick and deep bonding and openness. So much happened in this brief rich 2 days that it is hard to come to terms with or capture in writing all that has been absorbed, but I am excited to start applying this gentle but profound method.

• What an energizing two day experience. The process as I experienced it was simple and still cultivated such rich dialogues among us. It truly embodies the genuine spirit of curiosity and openness to transformation that we learned through the session.


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