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This workshop is suitable for any individual who is interested in exploring the Narrative process and lens as it relates to conflict conversations. Leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, Employee Relations officers, coaches, educators, social workers and healthcare practitioners are welcome to come and discover the power of re-authoring and re- storying the ideas about conflict as the conversation shifts from conflict resolution to conflict dissolution.


The Re-authoring Conflict Conversations workshop aims to share the skills needed to co-create the space for teams and individuals to re-write conflict problem stories by applying the Narrative approach. This workshop will enable participants to explore Narrative practices as a way to have conversations when relationships have suffered. Because realities are organised and maintained through narratives, conflict arises when there are competing versions of reality all claiming to be the real truth or sometimes the only truth or story. This strive to legitimise the version of what reality really is often delegitimises the other party or person in the conversation. Effective conflict resolution or dissolution in the Narrative understanding proposes that competing narratives undergo transformation that could bring these narratives toward their convergence into a common narrative that both parties co-construct and agree upon. This shift to a common co-constructed negotiated narrative helps parties at conflict to create a shared, internally consistent vision of the past, present and future.


Exploring and practicing the skills of the Narrative approach for mediation and conflict dissolution :

• Distancing from the problem story
Unpacking the conflict
Naming the competing stories with participants
Co-creating a common shared narrative
Co-creating stories of connection


Day 1

•  Exploring the Narrative process of facilitating conflict conversations
• Practicing the skill of talking about the problem as the problem
Unpacking the competing stories
• Exploring the relationship with and within the problem story
Understanding the role of narrative templates in conflict

Day 2

Moving together towards an alternative story
Co-creating and crafting a common shared narrative
Living into the alternative story


Photo by Harriet Kaufman

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