Narrative: Consultant Coach Trainer - Facilitator



This workshop comes alongside all who fulfil an individual- or team coaching role within their organisations, institutions or communities such as: leaders, managers, HR and OD practitioners, coaching professionals, educators, social workers and healthcare professionals.


The Re-authoring Coaching workshop invites an alternative story to the relationship between the coach and coachee. It also provides the practices and lens that invites transformation as a participant into this coaching relationship. Narrative coaching is the process where alternative preferred narratives are co-constructed with coachees. The workshop creates the space for participants to experience a coaching relationship as participant and coach. In the interactive learning space we will be working with the practices, values and assumptions of the Narrative approach while applying it to real-life stories. In this workshop participants will explore and experience the gift and power of the Narrative approach in coaching work on team and individual level. We will explore the following topics:

    • Understanding and working with the multiplicity of stories of individuals

    • Facilitating and co-creating alternative narratives in coaching conversations

    • Identifying and interacting with the taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs in coaching conversations

    • Inviting and co-creating connection and transformation within the individual and team conversations


    • Coming alongside coachees to name the narratives they are living into

    • Re-author the narratives that lead to thin conclusions of who coachees are and who they can become

    • Respect the local knowledge and expertise of individuals and teams or groups

    • Coming alongside coachees to thicken and enrich their preferred stories

    • To see problems as problems and not the person or the group as the problem

    • To understand and work with power relationships


Day 1

    •  What is Narrative Coaching?

    • Assumptions and values that construct this work

    • Practices that  sustain this way of being

    • The language used in the work

     • The coach as participant

    • The role of narratives in coaching

    • Taken-for-granted beliefs and power in co-constructing the coaching relationship

Day 2

    • How to negotiate the coaching relationship

    • Themes that enter the coaching conversation

    • Thickening and enriching the treasure chest of alternative narratives with coachees

    • Coaching as a community practice

    • Co-creating transformational spaces with coachees

    • Exploring group coaching practices

    • Ending the coaching relationship


• What a WOW experience! Over the past two days my life has been enriched in such a way. It is a liberating, enriching, positive, energising experience. A world of abundance to be explored!

• I received the gift of understanding Narrative coaching. I also received the gift of awareness where I am now aware that I am a significant person in my life.

• Energy was flowing from every story told and all the interaction in the room that took us on new journeys in our life stories. It was more than mere potential. Hope arose in my life and new stories emerged when the energy of the workshop touched my whole life and all the selves in my story. 

• The workshop was an enriching experience which was an opportunity of reflection and personal growth.

    • I was learning a skill today whilst telling my story.

    • The Narrative process helped me to start a new story with a new group of people.


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